Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this is dOP

when saints go machine- fail forever (dOP remix)


2011 brought the biggest blizzard to Tulsa, now some more snow on the way. I have been focusing on school and music, and have been disconnected from everything else... Best thing will come out of this, because the folder "Bad Ass New Tracks" is full and madly thumping to be recorded! Here is a taste of it:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

be yourself at hey mambo: menu for saturday, february 26, 2011

january 2011 was the birth of a new monthly at hey mambo (located in tulsa, oklahoma)!
tulsa's own pete doerr, and donald barnes joined me with some amazing sets to seal us a deal in one of  tulsa's coolest places! this month my guests are jeff price and derek james!

jeff price - amazing old school talent who resides in northwest arkansas,! one of my best friends, deanna ,and i  label him as "digweed good" (which is the ultimate ranking for us as far as track selection, composition and technicality). i met him through his early unity tribe days circa 1993, he has been djing well over 20 years! he will blow your mind!

derek james - another dear friend derek, is the only oklahoma producer that had the honor of remixing a U2 track officially along with grammy nominee bill hamel! he resides back in tulsa now, after living in orlando and graduating from full sail, nation's top sound engineering school. along with his djing/producing skills, he can also play guitar/piano/drums and he has been inviolved with many live music projects with local tulsa musicians (steve liddell, josh coffman...etc). he has joined my sets many times with his live hand drums, creating magical moments through addition of live, earthly elements to an electronic music set! he will bring the drums also along with his djing set, which contains a lot of original material. (i am telling you, tulsa is sleeping on him)!

beautiful life

First time i heard this track, i was just speechless at how cool it was! Since then, Gui Boratto produced many favorites!